Dr batra weight loss tips for quick result

 Dr batra weight loss tips for quick result

Some people think that some of the fast food is healthy meals like chicken sandwich, for example, or eat salad from the salad bar at some restaurants or eating chicken without skin or chicken chest or meal containing some vegetables, etc. These foods are not burning body fat fast, this is false information and incorrect, and this way of thinking because of the propaganda and advertisement launched by some of restaurants, what makes these meals is unhealthy because of other content of these meals such as bread, biscuits, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese or some special sauces added to it

Also eating bread, whether white or wheat bread is the equivalent of eating sugar and this better reality we must accept, and those who say otherwise laughing at ourselves. And here, of course, we do not include all types of wheat bread but you have to make sure you are buying them from a healthy source, believe me, if there was healthy bread certainly will not be in the restaurants because the healthy wheat bread is costly and we will discuss more about this topic later. 

I will not comment here about eating cheese because I am sure that everyone knows the harmful effects of cheese. Cheese and butter are equal in terms of disadvantages and in fact, eating one slice of cheese may ruin a whole day feeding you in terms of maintaining your fitness.

Moreover, I would like to say here for restaurant patrons who ate salad, the salad will be healthy meal if it only contain lettuce, green beans, cucumbers, and a little vinegar, if not you are dealing with unhealthy meal and full of fat. And also you must stop from eating carrots, and corn as it works to stimulate the body produce a lot of insulin, which we explained previously its disadvantages.

Furthermore, you have to be away from potatoes if you want to lose some of your weight, for the second time, be away from carrots, corn and potatoes whatever it takes. Additionally, the eggs also are not healthy especially if you eat the egg yolk because the egg yolk is harmful, you can eat as much as you want from egg white but not egg yolk.

Is it true that Cinnamon can help you lose body fat?

Many of the studies dealt with the healthy properties of cinnamon and its benefits, a recent study has shown that cinnamon helps reduce blood sugar, which prevents the body from storing sugar as fat.

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Dr batra weight loss tips for quick result

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